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    Talent's GM Application



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    Talent's GM Application

    Post  Talent on Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:34 pm

    1. Have you ever been a GM on any servers? (Hamachi does not count) Yes but that was about 2-3 years ago.
    2. Why do you want to be a GM on this server? I want to be a GM on this server because ive been hanging out with you guys for awhile and i think i want to try to become a GM and help others.

    3. How much experience would you say you have as a GM? Id have to say im not that experianced but I can learn Very Happy
    4. What makes you more qualified than anyone else for the position? I think I am more qualified for the position because I like to help others and make sure they are getting helped so if someone makes a ticket ill make sure i answer the ticket before doing anything else.
    5. How long have you played WoW? Since it came out my brother and his friend got me into it.

    6. Did you play retail? Yes, I still play and ive been playing since Pre-BC

    7. How well do you work with others? I work fantastic with others im always calm dont really get too ronchy an over excited
    8. Do you use good grammar when dealing with players and posting on the forum? I really try to most of the time but if i misspell one or two words ill try to fix it.

    9. Do you know how to use Ventrilo? Of course.

    10. What’s your strongest and weakest ability (Basically your skill)? My strongest skill is learning from other people I play pitcher in baseball so my coach is telling me what I do wrong all the time so I have to be able to learn at all times no matter what.
    11. Are you willing to work when we need you to? Yes I have about 4-6 hours i can be on here so ill try my best and thats when I have school on the weekends I have all day.
    12. Have you ever been fired from a WoW Private Server? No the server shut down because not enough donations

    13. If you answered yes to question 12, please explain the situation.

    14. Can you talk to other people in Ventrilo and In-Game with respect and confidence? Of course I can I have a strict dad and he makes me talk with respect to everyone even over the internet...

    15. Do you have a problem with Authority? No I dont see why I would.

    16. How long have you played here at WoW Face Gamers? I was one of the beta testers here so for about 1 an a half months.

    17. Are you a friend or family member to any of our current staff members? No I wish lol they all see cool an relaxed.

    18. Describe yourself in 3 words. Hardworking, Confident, Relaxed

    19. Have you ever been banned from Ventrilo or the server? (Talking about WoW Face Gamers) - No I try to be respectful to Admins an GM's

    20. What Time-Zone are you in? Eastern Time, I live in Florida

    I would just like to tell you about myself.

    First im 14 turning 15 in January also I live in Florida I really hope to learn alot from this private server and also I hope I can be one of the best GM's on here ill try to succeed an try my best.

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    Post  warface on Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:44 pm

    This application has been Accepted For A Interview!

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