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    MrNachos Application


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    MrNachos Application

    Post  MrNacho on Sat Dec 12, 2009 12:41 pm

    1. Have you ever been a GM on any servers? (Hamachi does not count) No i have not been GM.

    2. Why do you want to be a GM on this server? To get to learn how to be a GM and to help the servers progress. I also find that this server is very friendly and has a good community.

    3. How much experience would you say you have as a GM? Not much, all my experience wouldve been gained through watching people on high rates and sitting in vent.

    4. What makes you more qualified than anyone else for the position? Im a Reliable person and i Grasp things quickly.

    5. How long have you played WoW? A Couple of Years

    6. Did you play retail? yes.

    7. How well do you work with others? I get on with other people well.

    8. Do you use good grammar when dealing with players and posting on the forum? I speak in the best possible grammar i have

    9. Do you know how to use Ventrilo? yes.

    10. What’s your strongest and weakest ability (Basically your skill)? Strongest :I have an understanding of Programming
    Weakest: Never been a GM

    11. Are you willing to work when we need you to? I am able to work any time but Tusedays from 6.30-8PM UK Time.

    12. Have you ever been fired from a WoW Private Server? Nope

    13. If you answered yes to question 12, please explain the situation.

    14. Can you talk to other people in Ventrilo and In-Game with respect and confidence? Yes.

    15. Do you have a problem with Authority? Not at all.

    16. How long have you played here at WoW Face Gamers? about a week Very Happy

    17. Are you a friend or family member to any of our current staff members? I am a friend of Bowsy

    18. Describe yourself in 3 words. Fun, Reliable, Trusting

    19. Have you ever been banned from Ventrilo or the server? (Talking about WoW Face Gamers)no.

    20. What Time-Zone are you in? GMT + 0:00

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    Post  warface on Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:29 am

    This application has been Accepted For A Interview!

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