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    Dethmasheen's GM application.


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    Dethmasheen's GM application.

    Post  deavon1 on Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:01 pm

    1. Have you ever been a GM on any servers? Yes, I have been admin on Admins-world, GM on FrozenFlame, Owner of many projects I have started, and Player-GM on Echeloned (which ed sucked).

    2. Why do you want to be a GM on this server? Because I wish to help out this server in any way I can, and Shadowhaze recommended this server.

    3. How much experience would you say you have as a GM? I am very experienced at being a GM, I know almost every command and multiple compiled lists of items and objects.

    4. What makes you more qualified than anyone else for the position? I am probably the most friendliest worker that anyone would meet, though when it comes to the task at hand, I am very serious.

    5. How long have you played WoW? For about 4 years now.

    6. Did you play retail? Yes, but not very much. I made it to the 40's until I heard about private servers.

    7. How well do you work with others? I work with others very well in any situation put in front of me.

    8. Do you use good grammar when dealing with players and posting on the forum? Yes, but in tight situations I do tend to skip or misspell words.

    9. Do you know how to use Ventrilo? Yes, I use it everyday for WoW and communicating with my friends.

    10. What’s your strongest and weakest ability (Basically your skill)? My strongest skill is working with others and being motivated to do just about anything.

    11. Are you willing to work when we need you to? Yes, Yes, and Yes. Like I said, I am very motivated and very serious at times during work and I DO NOT give any backtalk or throw a fit when I have to do something or I do not get my way.

    12. Have you ever been fired from a WoW Private Server? No.

    13. If you answered yes to question 12, please explain the situation.

    14. Can you talk to other people in Ventrilo and In-Game with respect and confidence? Yes.

    15. Do you have a problem with Authority? No, I absolutely do not.

    16. How long have you played here at WoW Face Gamers? I am just starting, but I do hear you guys have a very friendly community and will be honored to work by your alls side.

    17. Are you a friend or family member to any of our current staff members? Yes, I am best friends with the GM trainer, Shadowhaze.

    18. Describe yourself in 3 words. Smart, friendly, motivated.

    19. Have you ever been banned from Ventrilo or the server? (Talking about WoW Face Gamers) No.

    20. What Time-Zone are you in? Eastern standard.

    21. How old are you? 13 years old.

    22. Do you have Ventrilo? Yes.

    23 Do you understand you have to have Mic for ventrilo so we can communicate? Yes.

    Thank you for reviewing my application and do hope you accept me to be apart f your team,
    <GM/TGT> Shadowhaze

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    Re: Dethmasheen's GM application.

    Post  <GM/TGT> Shadowhaze on Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:17 pm

    Nice GM App Deavon! I hope you get accepted and your going to be a very good member to our staff! cheers ~GM/TGT Shadowhaze

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