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    We can't connect to my Ventrilo Server?


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    We can't connect to my Ventrilo Server?

    Post  sekar555 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:57 am

    I'm trying to start up a ventrilo server. My friend and i have connected to it before, but it doesnt work anymore. I did the port forwarding thing with my Netgear Router. I saw a tutorial on port forwarding from I went to typed it into my vent login thing, and i have 3784 as port. I can log into the server with my ip or localhost, but i cannot login with my public ip. If anyone knows what could be wrong please let me know, or maybe they have a full walkthrough i could read through that would be great. I watched about 10 youtube video's and can't find out my problem. It could be my antivirus software, i have Norton 360 and Advanced System Protector. I really dont know what could be wrong, i did the port forwarding thing and stuff. As i mentioned earlier, my friend and i did connect at one time, but we cant anymore.
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